Two characters who meet, two glances that intersect. A fleeting instant and a gesture that fails to be achieved on time. Life is what happens while you're busy making other things.

Pepe Botella

Un Certain Regard: a certain glance at film-making.

The moral of the story is pretty straight forward: life is what happens while you're busy making other things. And that's particularly for all the people interested in film-making, video or gadgetry.

The point is that in the Internet we hear and read all the time about something everyone knows: today everyone can make a $0 budget (short) film thanks to all the new-cheap-last-generation camcorders and, above all, thanks to DSLRs.
And even if we heard thousand times that what matters are the script and the story-telling, rather that the great cinematic tools we have today on a budget, we actually never get to watch what all that means.

People seems to spend much more time looking for information, for reviews, for rumours, for how-to… than actually making something out of all of that.

The making

All preproduction (idea, writing, casting, location, storyboarding) happened in just a weekend.
Production just took 2 hours.
Image and son: Canon 5D Mark II
Editing and colour correction: Premiere CS4 and MB Looks

The original idea, facts and inspiration

I did this film by coincidence, which is what moves the plot of Un Certain Regard too.
I went to spend the weekend in my hometown and so I told to some good friends, one of them (Nacho Méndez) told me: "Hey, why don't you take the chance to shot something and test my new Canon 5DMII". At that time 5D videos and productions were blooming everywhere in the Internet, so I was very happy to give it a try. Next day on the flight to Madrid, Spain (I am based in Paris, France), I decided that it will be fun to shot some short-film with actors rather than test shots of sunsets, flowers or skylines. Having little bit over 48 hours, something was obvious: I shall write something easy to film.

So what can be "easy" to shot in this context for making a film?
• It should be in-door and in a private location, for not having to worry about weather, people and authorizations.
• There should be no dialogues, for not having to worry about finding and renting sound gear, and someone to take care all of it.
• There should be few actors, so I don't have to worry about directing too many people.
• It should be short and fast. I had no time to spend.

Therefore I had to come up with a simple idea. Something ephemeral, raw and intense that works for most viewers. There was a friendly girl sitting next to me in that flight… That was how Un Certain Regard was born.


This is just a quick test movie with many "technical flaws", but viewers don't care about all of that as long as the story works and they feel identified with the characters.
Taking in account the context of the making: no rehearsals, few hours of preparation, no sound, no script supervisor, basic lighting… this little film has worked well out his way into several international festivals in the last year, because most viewers don't care about all that technical stuff. And viewers have to be the main concern of any director, because movies are made for them.

So here is something that we can watch as an example of all theses theories without the blahblahblah of internet forums. A plain idea turned into images.
As film-maker and director I consider well worth this experience to be shared with everyone who hesitates too much about the "how" and forgets the "when", because at the end life is what happens while you're busy making other things.